Friday, August 29, 2014

What's on?

I'm a huge TV lover and I'm always searching for new movies to watch.

My TV guide treasure hunts gave me the idea to list upcoming movies and their air times here at Z-News. It will be a one stop shop if you're looking for zombie, disaster, or crazy creature movies to watch.

Where is this awesome list? Look for the 'What's on?' button under the Z-News header. There is quite the list already so you can be well prepared for the holiday weekend!

Here's a glimpse of what to expect :

Friday, August 29

Sand Sharks (Syfy) 10:00am
Beyond Loch Ness (Syfy) 12:00pm
Warm Bodies (More MAXHD) 2:05pm
Jersey Shore Shark Attack (Syfy) 2:00pm
Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus (Syfy) 4:00pm
Mega Python vs Gatoroid (Syfy) 6:00pm
Armageddon (MAX) 9:00pm
Saturday August 30
Zombies of Mass Destriction (Chiller) 9:00am
Evil Dead 2 (Chiller) 11:00am
Dinoshark (Syfy) 11:00am
Malibu Shark Attack (Syfy) 1:00pm
Mega Shark versus Mecha Shark (Syfy) 3:00pm
Sharknado (Syfy) 5:00pm
Warm Bodies (MAX) 6:15pm
Sharknado 2: The Second One (Syfy) 7:00pm
Bait (Syfy) 9:00pm
Dawn of the Dead (MAX) 10:00pm
Sharktopus vx Pteracuda (Syfy) 11:00pm
Evil Dead 2 (Chiller) 11:00pm

Sunday, August 31
Sharktopus (Syfy) 1:00am
Zombies of Mass Destruction (Chiller) 9:00am
Dinocroc vs Supergator (Syfy) 3:00am
Armageddon (MAX) 5:40pm
Warm Bodies (MAX) 6:15pm
Land of the Dead (IFC) 8:00pm

It's going to be a great Syfy movie weekend and my DVR is prepped and ready to record!


  1. "Zombies of Mass Destruction" is on Chiller Saturday at 9am and then again at 1am Sunday

    1. Good call! I forgot about Chiller!

    2. Chiller's showings of Zomd, The Crazies, and Evil Dead 2 are added in.

    3. Can't forget that, it's one of my favorite channels!