Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What's your favorite zombie animal?

My husband isn’t nearly as into zombies as I am. He loves The Walking Dead and Zombieland but that’s about where it ends. Occasionally I can talk him into watching a zombie movie with me but unless it’s top notch, Grade A zombie (or involves zombie strippers…long story), he usually ends up playing on his ipad instead of watching. Ooohh the things he’s missing out on.

Recently, I told him he should watch Poultrygeist with me because I want to try to see movies with different types of zombie animals. He said ‘That’s weird.’ and then changed the subject. Haha! I haven’t seen Poultrygeist but I already know he won’t like it…sometimes I just love messing with him. Anyway, back to my point, what do you think of zombie animals? Do you love them like I do or think it’s weird like my husband?

So far I’ve read a book about a zombie goldfish and I’ve seen movies with zombie dogs, a rat type thing, a mosquito, a cat, and a tiger. Can I just tell you how excited I was when that zombie tiger popped up! I think it was the first time I had seen a zombie animal other than a dog. It’s still my favorite zombie animal to date.

Some zombie animals on my ‘to watch’ list are chickens, sheep, a cow, a gorilla, a horse, and a pig. There are also books about zombie hamsters and zombie squirrels that I want to read.

Am I missing any on my list? Which are your favorites?

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